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March 7, 2009

Paul and Nancy Shevell, jetting off to the Caribbean for a romantic getaway and trekking across the U.S. on a Route 66 road trip. He even took Shevell to the Grammy Awards.


Heather Mills Just Needs To Stop Talking

Oh, god, Heather Mills just. won’t. shut. up. It wasn’t enough that she made Paul McCartney‘s life a living Hell for the past couple of years with demanding huge amounts of money in the divorce–not to mention accusing him of all sorts of abuse. And let’s not even imagine how heinous she must’ve been to [...]

Paul McCartney Remembers Linda

Paul McCartney marked the 10th anniversary of his wife Linda’s death with an essay about her in the London Sunday Times: “So much of my life with Linda, and our family, was spent just hanging out either at home or on holiday. I can still recall our first meeting. It was at a London club, [...]

Heather Mills Continues Her Assault On Paul McCartney

Heather Mills is reportedly is seeking a profitable television deal to tell all the dirty secrets of her divorce from singer Paul McCartney. According to The Sun, Mills, who was awarded a $48 million divorce settlement this month, allegedly wants a $1 million TV deal to allow her sister, Fiona, to release the details about [...]

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