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March 6, 2009

Paula Abdul in Pink makes her usual splash on the red carpet at a party for the surprise top 13 finalists Thursday at L.A. club Area.

Paula Club’n

Oh Paula…

DioGuardi and Paula Abdul hug it out at the FOX Winter All-Star Party at L.A. club My House on Tuesday, the same night the eighth season of their show premiered.

Stalker Time

After blaming American Idol producers for letting a stalker get close to her, Paula Abdul’s future on the show is being discussed.

Paula Abdul’s Latest Blunder

Oh, that Paula Abdul! Always good for a laugh–even if they are all at her expense. So, last night on “American Idol” each of the remaining 5 contestants had to sing two Neil Diamond songs. Because the show is only an hour, Ryan Seacrest hauled them out like cattle after they all sang their first [...]

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