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Carla Bruni is NOT pregnant(0)

July 2, 2012

It a tummy enough to yell at the suspect pregnancy. But Carla Bruni is not pregnant. The former premier lady of France is back for a few hours on the pages of national gossip, because of too few kilograms. The Weekly Closer had in fact labeled the belly of Bruni as an unusual pregnancy. The [...]

Carla Bruni is NOT pregnant

Kate Middleton is pregnant?

Here we go again. The British tabloids have returned to the attack. Against whom? But of course, of Kate Middleton and her poor belly. In Touch Weekly is in fact returned to fantasize about a hypothetical future pregnancy of the Queen of England.

Gisele Bundchen is pregnant

And they are two. The beautiful Gisele Bundchen will be short again because mom. As reported by Us Weekly, the model would expect a second child from the beloved Tom Brady. The usual source of deep throat has spilled to the weekly fact that Gisele would be 3 months pregnant. Husband and wife since 2009, [...]

Is Beyonce Pregnant?

Page Six is reporting that Beyonce Knowles might be pregnant. Their big proof? Per one of their infamous unnamed sources, she’s porking up and not doing anything to de-pork. “She has gained a lot of pregnancy weight. When she gains weight, she normally does the Def Jam detox, but not now.” The above photo was [...]

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