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Another Renee Western(0)

October 16, 2008

Renee Zellweger stars in another western Appolloza.. I smell another Oscar.

Another Renee Western

“Leatherheads” Premiere: Renee And George And Sarah Makes Three

All involved parties showed up fo the “Leatherheads” premiere in Hollywood last night. Of course, Renee Zelleweger and George Clooney…and George’s other half of the past few months, Sarah Larson. I’m kind of surprised she’s lasted this long but, then again, I’m not. I get the feeling George likes plucking these girls out of relative [...]

Jerry Seinfeld Attends “Bee Movie” Premiere

Jerry Seinfeld waves to photogs and fans as he and wife Jessica attend the premiere of the “Bee Movie” in Los Angeles over the weekend. You know, I used to like Jerry, but these days? Not so much. As for his wife, it’s simple: I’ve never liked her – at all. Speaking of Jessica, the [...]

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