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Too Hot For MTV?(0)

September 14, 2007

I got an email from my friend Paul, who also sent in this clip of the new ad spot for Diddy’s new fragrance for women, “Unforgivable” (featuring model Jessica Gomez) and he tells me it’s been banned from airing on MTV. WTF? I’ve seen racier, raunchier video’s on MTV than this. Supposedly, MTV wanted it [...]

Too Hot For MTV?

Kim Porter: Drama Queen

Kim Porter says she planned an oh-so dramatic exit from the home and life she shared with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. According to, the pair, who ended their stormy relationship in July and produced three kids, says Porter waited until Combs was out of town, then packed up the house – taking the cars, the [...]

P. Diddy Back On The Market

P. Diddy and his baby momma, Kim Porter, have called it quits after nearly 10 years together. Not 10 consecutive years, mind you–let’s not forget the whole Diddy/J.Lo love connection. They actually broke up in 1999, battled over child support of their oldest child, Christian, reunited in 2003 and had twin daughters last December. Guess [...]

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