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7 Reality TV Shows With Incredibly Unusual Plots(0)

November 21, 2013

Some people will do anything in their quest for fame, and other people will watch it. This includes writing, producing, or starring in the some of most outlandish reality TV shows imaginable. Read on to see just how unusual reality TV shows plots have been over recent years.   7. The Swan   No longer […]

7 Reality TV Shows With Incredibly Unusual Plots

Tori Spelling Confirms She’s In Talks For “90210” Spin-Off

Nikki Finke reported earlier in the week that Tori Spelling was set to join the CW’s “90210” spin-off. I chose to pretend it was just a vicious rumor, started solely for the purpose of ruining my Monday. However, per Tori herself, there appears to be at least some validity to it. Donna Martin told People […]

Jimmy Fallon To Replace Conan O’Brien

As has been speculated for weeks, NBC officially announced that Jimmy Fallon will take over as host of “Late Night” next year when Conan O’Brien sashays over to “The Tonight Show.”

Christian Slater Comes To NBC

A new television series starring Slater is scheduled to debut this fall on NBC. The show, “My Own Worst Enemy,” casts Slater as a suburban dad living a double life as an operative who speaks 13 languages, runs a four-minute mile – oh – and is trained to kill with his teeth. I don’t know […]

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