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Dr. Phil Oversteps Boundaries – Again.(0)

April 14, 2008

TMZ reports that a “Dr. Phil” television producer and a production assistant bailed out Mercades Nichols, who has been accused of orchestrating a severe beating of a fellow teenager that was recorded and posted on YouTube.

Dr. Phil Oversteps Boundaries – Again.

Posh Is A Pussy Cat

Posh is joining The Pussycat Dolls. For realz. – Thanks to David for sending this over! Hollywood Offender is going to be down for a few days while we manage some much needed site related stuff. In the meantime, get your celebrity fix at a few of our favorite places: Agent Bedhead Celebrity Smack! Allie [...]

LG: Gangsta Game

Liquid Generation has a new installment of their game, “WhadYa Know?” up – and this time it’s “Gangstas Edition.” I didn’t do too awful bad – I scored 500 out of 1000 and that’s only because on three of the questions I knew the answers and still clicked on the wrong ones because sometimes I’m [...]

Prince Demands Video Clips Be Removed

Prince is demanding that video clips from his London concerts be removed from the internet and has hired British firm Web Sheriff to ensure his demands are met. He’s also demanding YouTube and Pirate Bay web sites remove whatever clips they have as well as demanding online stores like eBay remove unauthorized merchandise, which he [...]

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