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Katie Holmes Flees Berlin

You know what I miss? The days when women dressed in formal wear to fly. Now that was a time, wasn’t it? Oh, wait…there was NEVER a time when red carpet, designer dresses equated to sitting on a plane for hours. Unless you’re Katie Holmes, apparently. Because this is what she was spotted wearing, in […]

Katie Holmes: A “High” New Low

Katie Holmes took time out of her busy life of shopping photo ops and “hands on mommy” photo ops to have…a dinner/autograph signing photo op. How does she keep them all straight. The future ex-Mrs. Cruise–wearing a very stylish coat…if you’re trying to be Queen Elizabeth, that is–accompanied her amazing man, Maverick, to dinner with […]

Katie Holmes: I’m So Happy!

Well, I mean, of course she is! Why wouldn’t she be? She’s married to the most amazing man in the history of the world and has the most glorious baby ever! So what if she always looks like she’s existing on a pleasant cocktail of valium and vodka–is that so wrong? Right. So everyone knows […]

Being in a Tom Cruise Movie: Hazardous To Your Health

Eleven extras were injured on Sunday when they fell off the back of a truck while filming a scene for the upcoming Tom Cruise movie, “Valkyrie.” The cause of the accident is being blamed on a bolt coming loose when the truck was making a turn. Was it a turnip trunk? Were they trying to […]

Josh Jackson And Diane Kruger: Love on the French Riviera

I guess Saint-Tropez must be a nice place, huh? It seems like every celebrity has made it their mission to vacation there in the last couple weeks. The latest is one of my favorite couples, Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger. They had been hanging in London while Diane filmed “National Treasure 2: The Point?” but […]

Katie Holmes: Back To Berlin

After only a couple of days back in the States, the future ex-Mrs. Cruise was back at LAX yesterday, presumably on her way to Berlin. I guess Maverick can’t bear to be away from his beard bride for too long–even if he is making her fly commercial. Doesn’t The Vapid One look thrilled beyond belief […]

Katie Holmes: Alien Chic

The future ex-Mrs. Cruise is back in L.A. after her exhausting two-week European publicity tour. All that dressing like a wannabe Jackie O. and photo-opping with Suri is hard work, y’all! Katie deserves some “me” time, doesn’t she? I guess Suri’s back in cold storage; she must not want to take her out too much […]

Party For The Beckhams: When Aliens Collide

It’s official: Tom Cruise is donning his best party dress and throwing a big “Welcome to America” shindig for his BFFs David and Victoria Beckham. Of course, such a huge task can’t be done by one man–even if he is able to bend space and time in his head–so he’s enlisted his other BFFs, Will […]

Katie Holmes and Suri Leave Berlin

The future ex-Mrs. Cruise and her photo op accessory glorious girl left Berlin yesterday. Katie looked her usual “glamorous” self, sporting either wet or greasy hair. Classy! Someone really needs to tell her that no matter how much she tries, she is not Jackie O. No idea where they’re going, but if I was a […]

Katie Holmes at “Hairspray” Premiere

Now we know where she was going when she fled Berlin in a Jackie-O shaped cloud of dust yesterday. The future ex-Mrs. Cruise was actually allowed to attend a movie premiere all by her lonesome–and in New York City, no less. I guess Maverick trusts that his little woman won’t get into much trouble; especially […]

Katie Holmes: Most Influential Fembot

OK! magazine has named Katie Holmes one of their most influential celebrities. No, really–I’m not kidding. Supposedly, it’s for her “refreshing girl-next-door looks” and “sporty” haircut. Can I see a show of hands of who all has been influenced to do anything by the future ex-Mrs. Cruise? Other than maybe saying “OMG, I would NEVER […]

Katie Holmes Wants to Sing; God Help Us All

It appears that Kate Cruise isn’t happy with just continuing to trail along after her husband and play “mom” to baby Suri. No, now the actress (such that she is) wants to amp up her film career by starring in a musical. Last Tuesday, reports Page Six, the future ex-Mrs. Cruise gave a singing and […]

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