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Someone Muzzle Kelly Preston

For reasons I can’t figure out, someone at Extra (via OK! magazine) decided now would be a good time to interview Kelly Preston. She has no movies about to come out, she’s got nothing going on…hey, I get it, must’ve been a slow news day, but still–couldn’t they find anyone else? No? OK, then. So […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Goin’ To The Chapel

It’s finally happened: Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged. I say finally not because of her age–29–but because I’ve always gotten the feeling this girl was looking to get married since she was 18. There’s just something about her that gives off a ’50’s-esque “I went to college for my M R S degree” vibe. I […]

Nicole Kidman: Young at Heart?

I like Nicole Kidman–I really do. When others are constantly ragging on her dependence on Botox, her horrific taste in men, her terrible script-picking, I’m usually there to defend her. I’m not even exactly sure why, but I do think it started after Maverick dumped her ass. His whole “Nicole knows what she did” crap […]

Katie Holmes Emerges From The Mothership

I realize the future ex-Mrs. Cruise’s life is so busy with pouting her way through the world’s most expensive stores, but is it too much to ask that she would actually buy clothes that fit? I know it’s asking a lot, but when you’re such an important person and all, that stuff counts. Here’s the […]

Tom Cruise: In Like a Lamb

Maverick was in London last night for the first of his many “Lions for Lambs” premieres. He walked the red carpet solo, leaving Suri–who has clearly negotiated days off in her contract–and his future ex-wife…somewhere. Who knows where–probably cold storage. Regardless, doesn’t Tommy look handsome? So dapper and debonaire and…no, sorry, I just can’t do […]

Katie Holmes: Not Pregnant Yet Again

God, I am so tired of this zombie-so very, very tired. Every week it’s some ridiculous story–most of them, no doubt, planted by her people in order to keep the public thinking she actually matters. This week it’s the supposed shitstorm the future ex-Mrs. Cruise caused by wearing the above dress. Allegedly it had “bloggers […]

Katie Holmes: Jackie O? More Like Jackie No!

Katie Holmes, without her usual five foot tall appendage at her side, was walking the streets of Manhattan earlier today. But, fear not, her lord and master, Maverick, is lurking around somewhere, as there’s a screening of his new movie “Lions for Lambs” tonight. She must’ve yelled “Hey, isn’t that Siegfried and Roy?” and slipped […]

This Is Your Life, Tom Cruise

Remember that book about Maverick that Andrew Morton was supposedly writing? Remember all the whispers that this book might just have the reason behind his 2005 pre-emptive “I’m in love with this amazing woman which makes me totally heterosexual!” campaign? Well, guess what? The book is FINALLY going to be seeing the light of day […]

Katie Holmes: Running on Empty

OK! magazine is “exclusively” reporting that everyone’s favorite Stepford Wife is training for the NYC Marathon. That’s right–while Maverick has been busy filming “The Movie I Will Never See” in Berlin, his future ex-wife has been seen running around the city as part of her race preparation. Of course, she could just be trotting around […]

Tomkat: Same Old, Same Old

I tell you what, if it wasn’t for the fact that I know the clock is ticking on Maverick going nuts again, I would just put these two on blackout. Katie would probably like that, as she seems to favor the “all black, all the time” wardrobe best associated with Wednesday Addams. All she’s missing […]

Katie Holmes Is Such A Happy Person

It’s nice to know some things never change: I’ll never have hair that doesn’t require a flat iron, taxes will always have to be paid, and Katie Holmes will always sport her trademark clueless/stunned/miserable look. I mean, what does this woman have to be so glum about? Besides the whole “oh, sweet Xenu, was the […]

Katie Holmes Remembers She Has Parents

Those people on the right hand side of the first photo? Katie Holmes‘ parents. I know, I know–you thought Tom had created his future ex-wife out of one of his ribs, but no, she really DOES have a family out there. Even more shocking, they were actually invited (well, unless they just showed up; let’s […]

Katie Holmes Is Such a Happy Person

Maverick gave the choke leash a little give and let his future ex-wife go to Paris for the day. While there,The Stepford Wife visited some art galleries and had lunch. All by herself–well, her and her assorted bodyguards/handlers, which is as alone as Katie is allowed to get these days. You know, rumor has it […]

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