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Miley Cyrus Earns More Than Jessica Alba

PARADE’s annual “What People Earn” issue will hit on Sunday, so here’s a look at what some of your favorite celebs are bringing home {in no particular order}:

American Idol’s Unjust Elimination

Why do I let myself get sucked into this show? Why, why, why? It always just ends up breaking my heart. I had two–exactly two–favorites going into last night’s elimination: David Cook and Michael Johns. David because I like his voice and Michael because he was so very, very pretty to look at. And he [...]

Ryan Seacrest Leads DETAILS 2008 “Mavericks”

DETAILS Magazine announces their 2008 Mavericks, with Ryan Seacrest on the April cover. The 2008 Mavericks are 22 “big thinkers” and the list includes not only Seacrest, but others such as Diablo Cody, DJ Mark Ronson, SNL’s Amy Poehler, Kai Huang {Guitar Hero}.

Denise Richards: Not At All Famewhorey

Last month Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were back in court–battling over whether their two young daughters should be allowed to appear on Denise‘s upcoming reality show. For some ungodly reason, the judge decided that it was perfectly ok for Denise to parade the 2 and 3-year olds in front of the cameras. He must [...]

Britney Spears May Show Up At Emmy Awards

Personally, I don’t think Britney Spears has any business being at the Emmy Awards because the awards honor excellence in television, but she’s reportedly in some sort of negotiations to appear at the Emmys to apologize for her MTV Video Music Awards fiasco. This seriously needs to go away because I’ve grown tired of Britney [...]

Britney Spears: Child Abuse Charges and Dodged Subpoenas

Brit Brit is having a bad week. No, month. Er, better make that year. As if the whole rehab/head-shaving/custody battle with Fed-Ex wasn’t enough, now she’s allegedly being investigated for child abuse. There was an unscheduled hearing today in L.A. with Brit’s lawyer, K-Fed’s lawyer, and a lawyer assigned by the dependency court and that [...]

Eva Longoria Went To The Chapel, Got Married

In case you didn’t know–since it’s been kept so quiet and all–Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are now husband and wife. I know! You had no idea. She’s a sneaky, under-the-radar kind of chick, that Eva, isn’t she? The couple actually wed twice–the first time being in a civil ceremony on Friday before only close [...]

A Changed Paris Chats With Ryan Seacrest

I guess E News ponied up to take a collect call from Paris, as she chatted it up with Ryan Seacrest earlier today for nearly ten minutes. Ten minutes with Seacrest? She must be bored. Not just bored, though, but “proud” of herself for actually–gasp–serving out her sentence. Like she had a choice? “In a [...]

Patrick Dempsey: McBoring

I really want to like Patrick Dempsey, I do. I still have very fond memories of his spot-on performance as a nerd in “Can’t Buy Me Love”. And when “Grey’s Anatomy” first started I was right there, on the McDreamy train. But, to quote Randy Jackson whenever Ryan Seacrest asks him to judge the contestants [...]

Lindsay Lohan: Caught on Tape

Doing what is anyone’s guess–as Page Six isn’t saying–but it allegedly involves Lilo, a party and someone’s cell phone video camera, so let your imaginations run wild–as I’m sure there’s nothing anyone could think of that’s out of the realm of possibility. The party in question took place last weekend at a private house in [...]

Sanjaya Feels the Love

After hurting eardrums all across America (and making my cat puke), Sanjaya is actually gaining support now that he has blessedly been kicked off “American Idol.” On Thursday night he appeared on “The Tonight Show” and continued to ride those 15 minutes of fame when he acquired two new fans: Donny Osmond and Jack Black [...]

Is J.Lo a Scie-No?

In the past few months Jennifer Lopez has suddenly become buddy-buddy with Scientology Spokesman to the Stars Tom Cruise (to the point of being an attendee at his most amazing wedding (EVAH) to future ex-wife, Katie Holmes) and revealed her father has been a member of the cult controversial religion for the past two decades. [...]

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