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Sofia Vergara in Mexico to celebrate 40 years

Sofia Vergara in Mexico to celebrate 40 years

Sofia Vergara went to Mexico with her boyfriend Nick Loeb for a week of festivities on the occasion of his 40th birthday. In fact, the celebrations started with a little ‘in advance, as the star of’ Modern Family ‘was born July 10. According to a source of E! News’, the two are really in love, […]

Tori Spelling Confirms She’s In Talks For “90210” Spin-Off

Nikki Finke reported earlier in the week that Tori Spelling was set to join the CW’s “90210” spin-off. I chose to pretend it was just a vicious rumor, started solely for the purpose of ruining my Monday. However, per Tori herself, there appears to be at least some validity to it. Donna Martin told People […]

Jimmy Fallon To Replace Conan O’Brien

As has been speculated for weeks, NBC officially announced that Jimmy Fallon will take over as host of “Late Night” next year when Conan O’Brien sashays over to “The Tonight Show.”

Christian Slater Comes To NBC

A new television series starring Slater is scheduled to debut this fall on NBC. The show, “My Own Worst Enemy,” casts Slater as a suburban dad living a double life as an operative who speaks 13 languages, runs a four-minute mile – oh – and is trained to kill with his teeth. I don’t know […]

Haylie Duff, Danny Nucci and Ryan Merriman In “Backwoods”

Danny Nucci, Haylie Duff and Ryan Merriman will soon be seen in the Spike original movie, “Backwoods.”. The thriller, which is to premiere on Spike June 8 in high definition, is slated to air as part of “Spike Guy Movies,” being broadcast throughout 2008. Spike TV’s original “Spike Guy Movies” average nearly 1.5 million viewers […]

Lindsay Looking Rough In Paris

Eeesh, it’s hard to believe this girl is only 21. I mean, I guess three rehab stints in less than a year after several years of abusing your body with sleepless nights and god only knows what pharmaceuticals are bad for a person. Who knew? If only Dina had warned her… So Lindsay’s in Paris […]

Tori Spelling To Join “90210” Spin-Off?

Nikki Finke is reporting that Tori Spelling has finagled her way into the CW’s “90210” spin-off. Look, I was skeptical about this whole freakin’ project until I read a pilot draft–and then I relented. And I’m dubious about Jennie Garth reprising Kelly Taylor because, well, I really never liked Kelly Taylor (I was a Brenda […]

Third Appearance On “How I Met Your Mother” For Britney?

Tonight’s the night for Britney’s second “How I Met Your Mother” appearance and there’s already talk she’ll be back for more. The show’s creator, Craig Thomas, tells The Hollywood Reporter that her second appearance was written in a way to leave open the possibility that, yes, she will return.

CSI Actor Arrested On Drug Possession

Gary Dourdan, who plays a CSI investigator with a gambling addiction on the original recipe “CSI” show (the only one worth watching as far as I’m concerned), was arrested in Palm Springs yesterday on suspicion of drug possession.

Hooray for “Heidiwood”

In case you missed the memo, “The Hills” star Heidi Montag has developed her own clothing line, “Heidiwood for Anchor Blue,” which is scheduled for official launch on Tuesday, April 15. The collection made its runway debut at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles on Friday, April 11.

Dr. Phil Oversteps Boundaries – Again.

TMZ reports that a “Dr. Phil” television producer and a production assistant bailed out Mercades Nichols, who has been accused of orchestrating a severe beating of a fellow teenager that was recorded and posted on YouTube.

Jodie Sweetin: It’s a Girl!

Actress Jodie Sweetin, known for her role in the television series, “Full House,” has given birth to a daughter. A rep for Sweetin confirmed the actress and her husband, set designer Cody Herpin, now have an 8-pound, 7-ounce baby girl named Zoie. She was born on Saturday. “Jodie says that she and her husband and […]

Why We Need Stars

Comedy Central hosted “Night of Too Many Stars” last night to benefit autism research. It was hosted by Jon Stewart and the “too many stars” guest list was super impressive–everyone from Tina Fey to Conan O’Brien. I loved the tongue-in-cheek “you need stars” theme they had going. Because, really, wouldn’t we all just benefit from […]

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