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I came to One Source Talent kind of skeptical due to the fact that this would be my first time really pursuing my dream and goals. And I hear a lot of these companies scam talent. From the first interview I could tell that OST was different. The atmosphere was pleasant and I knew that they would do their best to put me first if I was fortunate enough to be accepted. Now that I am part of OST I know that once I do my part and work my hardest OST will be right behind me to guide me and push me forward so that everything that I have hoped for can transfer from a dream to a reality…

Here is a full review of One Source Talent and what they offer:

OST is headquartered in Detroit and since its creation in 2003, has been providing its innovative service to all of the cities where actors, models, and clients are in search of one another: Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York, Detroit (Corporate), and Dallas.

What are actors and models saying about?

Actors and models tell me they appreciate having fast and accurate information on auditions that fit their needs. They like that they have a composite card of digital and non-digital submissions. They’re benefiting from the Meet and Greet and workshop events. They like that there is no commission on opportunities. They have a One Source Talent Scam Watch and information that helps them.

What are clients saying about them? Clients love that the database is filled with qualified talent of all levels of experience. They are confident that the actors and models will be talented because of the talent evaluation on all submissions. They appreciate the high-level of customer support and industry knowledge from our staff.

So many clients and performers have been able to connect successfully to work on projects meaningful to both parties. One Source Talent has the functionality and above-and-beyond features to make it the best database out there. We’re proud the many stories we hear about performers finding the perfect client, and vice-versa. OST strives to be the best in industry for talent connection, and we make it happen through commitment, dedication, and passion.

Here is a video I found on them:

This might give you more information about them, it is a Hub Page about One Source Talent. Check it out, it is full of information and reviews about them.

Here are some reviews I found on the net:

“In my opinion is one of the best things that happened for aspiring models and actors. They know what it takes to give someone an opportunity for their big break. They have been around for a long time and have a knowledgeable staff that has worked with numerous casting directors and has developed good relationship with tons of big name companies. I have been a talent with them for a long time and see this on a weekly basis. Everytime I go to a casting the directors always have great things to say about them.”

One Source Talent has a great photographer. I had photos done for my comp card before and didn’t really like them. So being a talent with them I decided to ask them if they had someone they could recommend me to. Sure enough they did and they were right because the photographer that they sent me to took some amazing pictures. So whoever said that they make you buy your own pictures is somewhat right because they know some great photographers that take great pictures. They let me use my own photos that I had but I chose to go to a better photographer and it was the best investment I ever made. Thank you guys.”

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